Policy & Procedures

Check In Systems publishes these policies and procedures to help our customers comply with individual requirements. Check In Systems may have additional, unpublished policies and procedures that contain sensitive material. Some of these policies refer to HIPAA Compliance even though this software does not include a Business Associate agreement or PHI. Our staff supports many websites including systems that must meet HIPAA regulations and therefore there is some overlap in staff training and procedures. This will only further secure the data and software for both parties.


Mobile Check In is a simple app that allows users to store basic information on a device and use the information to pre-fill forms at a third party business. At the option of the user, data may include name, phone, email and/or birthdate. The user can then manually select a button to send this data to a website for the purpose of checking in to that business selected. All data being sent is sent via standard encrypted methods of https. To see how this data is used, contact the entity that the data is being sent to.

HIPAA Compliance

Check In Systems Inc. deems Mobile Check In as a HIPAA Compliant application and therefore, in accordance with United States law, all data transmitted is sent via encrypted means. No medical data is stored within the Mobile Check In application.

Data Distribution

Check In Systems Inc does not share, distribute or sell data of any type.